Western Hemisphere Caraboidea

At present, nearly 10,000 species of carabid ground beetles (Carabidae) are recorded from the Western Hemisphere. More are discovered, named, and described each year.  These beetles have great significance in agriculture, forestry, environmental assessment and a variety of citizen science projects. They are mostly predatory and many eat crop and forest pests. They are also known to be highly sensitive to habitat disturbances caused by urbanization and overuse of natural landscapes by humans or livestock.  Since they are well-studied both taxonomically and ecologically, fairly common in a variety of different habitats, and easily collected using simple pitfall traps, carabids are increasingly encountered in citizen science projects such as BioBlitzes.

On this site, we will compile species descriptions and specimen images for all 10,000 Western Hemisphere carabids. This work is a supplement to Terry Erwin's A Treatise on the Western Hemisphere Caraboidea (Coleoptera): Their classification, distributions, and ways of life, a planned eight volume work, with two volumes published already.

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    Elaphrus (Elaphroterus) angusticollis angusticollis R.F. Sahlberg 1844
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