Tetracha martii

Tetracha (Neotetracha) martii (Perty 1830)

Languages: English



Macrohabitat: Lowlands to midlands , 300-600 meters altitude, in moist grasslands. Microhabitat: Adults are ground-dwelling on bare patches of substrate in grassy fields. Dispersal abilities: Macropterous, primarily cursorial and fast running; adults rarely fly. Seasonal occurrence: Adults are active in November- December, and January. Behavior: Adults are nocturnal, taking cover during the day. (Pearson, 1999b; Ledezma, 2000; Naviaux, 2007; Data from NMNH collection)

Author(s): Erwin, Terry
Rights holder(s): Erwin, Terry


Locality: Native, New World. Bolivia; Brazil- Goias, Mato Grosso, Sao Paulo.

Common Name: Marti's Metallic Tiger Beetle

Synonyms: Megacephala Martii Perty, 1830; Megacephala (Tetracha) sobrina Martii (Perty): W. Horn, 1905; Megacephala (Tetracha) Martii (Perty): Wiesner, 1992; Tetracha (Neotetracha) martii (Perty): Naviaux, 2007

Author(s): Erwin, Terry
Rights holder(s): Erwin, Terry